5 thoughts on “My New “Winterthype” Blog

  1. Ahh, there we go, now I can read your blog 😀

    Welcome to the Typosphere! Although there are many multi-lingual Typospherians, English is the language that seems to work for most of us.

  2. I find that interesting, as the German community seems to have a larger amount of collectors. Maybe they are ‘just’ collectors, and not enthusiasts. Welcome to the typosphere though! That’s a nice H2K you have there.

    Perhaps you could alternate your posts – German and English.

    Mind you, link up to other people’s stuff on the typosphere, and you’ll build community.

    • I fully agree that alternating between German and English is a good compromise between being able to write texts in my first language and reaching a larger audience with English texts, but I don’t like mixing two languages in one blog. Therefore I plan to maintain both blogs. This one here will be in English only and will probably mainly have rather technical contents on typewriters. The “getippse” blog will remain in German and will potentially cover a broader range of topics but still with the intention to release most of the texts as typecasts.

  3. It’s a very regimental machine, isn’t it? I like the dial on the back – I haven’t seen one like that before. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

    • The dial on the back is used to change the force of the keystrokes, turning to “-” should make them softer, turning to “+” harder and seems to be placed on the back of all Hermes 2000 machines (http://www.typewriters.ch/collection/hermes_2000.html). Similar functions are also present on the Hermes 3000 and the Hermes Ambassador. But the effect of this mechanism, even when turning it from maximum to minimum is almost inexistent (on all three Hermes models). I don’t feel any difference when hitting the keys and no visible difference in the typed text.

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