The Internet Falls Apart

The Internet Falls Apart

Based on this article in “NZZ am Sonntag”

The same typecast again but in pure text format:

The Internet Falls Apart

This is the title of a very interesting and quite frightening article that appeared in the newspaper (NZZ am Sonntag) last Sunday, The author describes the tendencies of more and more nations to completely isolate their internet from the global web, but also the creation of closed alternative networks either based on the internet infrastructure or even completely independent.

This leads to a fragmentation where valuable information becomes unavailable to many users. The potential consequences are a slower, less reliable internet with less available information.

So where does this relate to typecasts?
I see some relations herein: despite of being a very open community the typo- shpere with its typecasts puts a quite solid technical barrier between its contents and the web by hiding all type casts from search engines.

Of course there might be good reasons to hide some contents from search engines and from a broader audience, but most bloggers probably have the intention to reach as many readers as possible. So my personal conclusion is to add an OCR transcript in text format to each of my typecasts as my small contribution to an open world wide web.

Winterthur, 11 February 2014

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